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Mac VS Windows | Briter Computers

admin June 14, 2020 0 Comments

When setting up your new home office, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is what kind of computer you want to put in there.  You may have an idea of what you want, but at some point, we all tend to ask ourselves, Windows or MAC?  It can be a heated debate because as consumers we become attached to a brand.  Much like Ford or Holden when it comes to your car, Windows or MAC can be both an emotionally and loyalty-based decision that is different for each person.  Windows devices span across tablets such as the Surface, laptops such as HPs, Lenovos and Acers, as well as Desktop devices which can be built from scratch or prebuilt.  Mac devices span across laptops, Mac minis, Mac Pros and iMacs as well of course as iPhones and iPads and even watches.  With such a variety of choices, it is easy to become overwhelmed and unsure of which direction to go.  


Let’s look at the pros and cons of both MAC and Windows based devices to help you make your decision!


MAC Pros

  • There is a certain status of having a Mac, simply because it looks so good! But looking deeper into this, you are not just paying for the looks, you are paying for the build quality.  I know of many Mac laptop owners who have dropped their laptop and have walked away with maybe a scuff on the outside, whereas a non-mac laptop owner would have a broken case and sometimes cracked screen or other components that have been damaged.  It is also easier to find a protective case for a Mac as only one company makes these with similar designs.  Due to Windows devices being made from so many different companies, it is hard to find protective cases.


  • Many users of a Mac also have an Apple iPhone, iPad and Watch.  Continuity means you can easily continue work you were doing on your iPad and transfer to your laptop desktop machine without the need of using a USB stick. 


  • The customer service on a Mac is much easier to obtain compared to a Windows machine. It is as simple as contacting Apple or heading to your local Apple store and they will help you fix the problem.  If it is under warranty, they will repair the issue for free or even offer a replacement machine.  Under some circumstances, if a re-occurring fault is found on many devices, they will offer support to get this fixed outside of the warranty period.


  • Apple offer FREE classes in their Apple stores that help you to get the most out of your experience and teach you how to use your machine.


  • Mac’s are fantastic for graphic design. In previous years, a lot of design software was made exclusively for Macs.  While these are more readily available now on Windows machines, Mac still remains the preferred choice for graphic designs and artistic creators.  For many artists, they can simply draw their designs using an Apple pen on their iPad and pick up the file on their desktop and finish editing it.


  • Apple know that many people still use Windows machines, and with that in mind, they make sure common devices are compatible with the MacOS. While Apple have their own accessories, you can plug almost any device into a Mac and it will work.


  • While Apple devices are not completely insusceptible to virus’s and adware/spyware, this is less common on an Apple device than on a Windows device.


  • Because Apple build both the hardware and software (Operating System) for their devices, these two are more in tune with each other. Thus, Mac’s are less likely to have compatibility issues, such as Windows users seeing the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’.



Windows Pros


  • PCs and Laptops are considerably cheaper than Mac products. A top of the line PC or gaming laptop with top specs will usually cost the same as an entry level Mac.  You can get Windows laptops for as little as $400 which will not even buy you a new Apple iPad.


  • Hands down, Windows is better for gaming. While Macs are capable of gaming to some extent, hard core gamers will always choose a PC running Windows.


  • A PC running windows has better backwards compatibility compared to a Mac. This means that if you have an older machine, on most occasions, you can still run the latest software.  On a Mac, many older machines cannot upgrade to the latest software meaning it may run slow and clunky.


  • A windows PC and even Laptop is easy to upgrade with interchangeable parts. You can add more RAM, upgrade your video card and even replace your motherboard.  This is simply not possible on a Mac as everything is fitted on the one motherboard. While you will need some knowledge in doing this yourself, this in a way helps you better understand how an inside of a computer works.


  • Windows accessories are a lot cheaper compared to Apple accessories.


  • Windows machines offer more connection ports compared to Mac. From USB to VGA, HMDI, Audio, Microphone. 


  • Windows have more touch screen technology with their laptop devices compared to Apple. This is quite useful for people who are less tech savvy.


  • There is a lot more software available for PC compared to Mac simply because Windows has led the way for so many years. While Mac is certainly catching up, there is more software developed for Windows compared to Mac. 

Mac Cons

Price!  Macs are expensive.  Mac accessories are expensive.  The price point alone can make it polarising for some people.


Mac’s are not built for gaming.


PC Cons


Windows machines are more vulnerable to virus’s and malware compared to Mac.  While it is not impossible to get a virus on a Mac, it is more likely to happen on a PC.


Windows software can be unreliable and suddenly one day, it decides not to work, leaving you having to completely reinstall it, wasting hours of your time.  This doesn’t happen as commonly on a MAC.


It really depends on your own personal preference and budget as to whether you should go Mac or Windows.  Some people are scared to make the leap from Windows to Mac as they are overwhelmed at how different the Operating System is.  It is something you get used to very quickly and most people will tell you that once they switch to a Mac, they often stay using a Mac (even if they ditch their iPhone for an Android, they likely still stay with a Mac computer).  If you are a gamer, a Windows machine is the better choice.  If you are into video editing or want something simple and easy to use, and can afford to spend a bit more, then a Mac is the way to go!